Our Story

The Safety Professionals at D&L Safety Services are equipped to handle your safety needs

Our Story

The Safety Professionals at D&L Safety Services are equipped to handle your safety needs

Our Story

Our industry leading-leading, professional safety contracting company began in a basement office in 2009. 

The brainchild of D&L Safety Services principle owner and director Brian Dolin, the company came to life after Dolin’s more than 20 year career working in the safety services industry.

A graduate of Southwestern Louisiana University and a master’s degree holder from the University of Tennessee, Dolin also brings his experience serving in the United States Army and the Louisiana National Guard to his clients he serves as a Certified Safety Professional.

Partnering with Dolin is Lee Fortier, who brings decades of his own experience working in the safety services industry. A graduate of Tennessee Technological University, Fortier is a retired Colonel in the United States Army Reserve and works as a Certified Safety Professional as well.

Our People

Dolin Headshot

Brian Dolin

Brian Dolin is a Certified Safety Professional who works with construction, manufacturing, MSHA, DOD, DOE, and environmental companies to provide expertise on different safety related regulations and information to help industries to comply with federal state and local regulations. Brian feels that to provide solutions to issues or concerns that a facility might have will help increase the safety of their management, workers, and the public.

Brian knows that providing assistance with a company's safety program can prevent injuries and save lives which can have an influence on more than just the company and their workers.

Brian has worked with large corporate contractors, manufacturers, small businesses and government entities to help identify their hazards, provide plausible solutions, and help implement those solutions to reduce their overall exposure to incidents. He has also worked on natural disasters, international projects, government projects, OCIP's, CMClP's, which proves his ability to work with different types of companies and site specific programs.

Brian is a CSP, is a Disable Veteran (Airborne Ranger) that served in Iraq, a husband and proud father of two boys, and a dedicated Safety Professional.

Brian holds a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Southern Louisiana and Master of Science in Safety Management from the University of Tennessee.

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Lee Fortier

Lee Fortier is a Certified Safety Professional who works with construction and manufacturing to help them protect the safety of their employees and save money.

Lee believes that safety is an exceptionally important aspect of the way every business should be run. Our efforts make workplaces safer and allows employees to return to their families every evening.

Lee has assisted companies with poor accident rates and high insurance costs make dramatic changes in their culture that resulted in lower accident rates and reduced overhead.

Lee is a CSP, certified in both safety management and construction. He is a 40 year member of the ASSP and has run Fortier Loss Control Consultants for 35 years.

Lee holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Tennessee Technological University.

Lee has been married for 34 years. He has a son and a new granddaughter. He served in the Army Reserve for 29 years and retired as a colonel.

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Connie Burkhalter

Connie Burkhalter works with D&L Safety Service clients and independent safety consultants. She is usually the second person new clients and consultants speak with while initiating our working relationships. She is responsible for contracts, logistics, project start dates, and assisting with smooth transitions for each project.

Connie believes that making the effort to understand client/project site needs helps instill confidence with the client and the consultant from the first minute their boots hit the ground.

Connie has been with D&L Safety since it began in 2009, and has worked in the safety field for 14 years. Her previous experience in the legal field and owning small businesses has proven valuable with her work with D&L Safety. Connie holds a degree in film photography, studying at Nashville State Technical Institute, Columbia State, and Rochester Institute of Technology.

In her spare time, Connie loves creating art, keeping her husband busy with projects and travel, and especially sharing time with family and friends.